March means a lot to sports fans in America. For many it’s the madness of the NCAA tournament as their favorite college basketball teams battle for glory. For others it’s the beginning of the NFL free agent signing period. To those of us devoted to America’s pastime, it means baseball is back. Our long winter of discontent is finally over! In the timeless classic Field of Dreams (at least classic to those of us who understand that “can of corn” really is a sports term, “chin music” is not a calming lullaby and a steal shouldn’t always warrant an arrest), James Earl Jones’ character said America has ... [Read More]

Only in Orlando

Along the 115 mile drive from my family’s farm in Micanopy to Orlando, Florida there are, I believe, approximately 4,172 billboards, hawking discounted Disney tickets, timeshares and apparently awesome retirement homes (these invariably featured a giddy elderly person playing golf or baseball while promising everything you could ever want out of life. Ok, I get that ads are occasionally exaggerated, but baseball? The last time my Grandmother picked up a baseball bat it was to whack my Grandfather. I just don’t see her merrily rounding the bases.) One of the retirement billboards shares space with an ad promising “We Bare All.” Soo assured me they were two separate ... [Read More]