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Comedian Craig Shoemaker is a modern day renaissance man. Best known for his engaging, relatable standup and his iconic baritone-voiced character “The Lovemaster”, Craig is far more than the jokes he tells on stage. He has shot multiple stand-up specials for TV, starred in numerous films, written two children’s books, performed for four US Presidents, invented On Hold Advertising, has his doctorate degree, and is even an ordained minister. Craig most recently taped his latest hour special, Daditude, to a sold out crowd at the Webb Theatre in Orange County, wrapped a co-starring role in the film Should’ve Been Romeo, and was voted one of the top 20 all time specials on Comedy Central.

A natural storyteller with keen observational instincts, Craig wrote, produced and starred in Totally Baked (Universal), a movie which was conceived from his own son asking if his dad had ever smoked marijuana. Craig’s writing credits also include ABC’s Just The Ten of Us, and Real Funny. In addition, he wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed one-man show, Who’s Your Daddy? at the Coronet Theater.

Inspired by his children, Craig has also published two hit children’s books, now in their third printing, entitled “What You Have Now…What Your Daddy Had Then” and “What You Have Now… What Your Mommy Had Then.” Shoemaker owns two Emmy awards, and was named comedian of the year at the american comedy awards on abc.

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8 Responses on “Craig Shoemaker

  1. Looking forward to tracking your travels. I am going to Birmingham Alabama this weekend. See you there?

  2. hey everybody. so glad you are hanging here for a read. i must say, i really love and enjoy this site and all the bloggers they have brought here. inspiring, thoughtful and laugh-filled pieces, which i was (frankly) not expecting from a “travel” site.

    looking forward to many interesting journeys for all of us!

  3. Sorry I missed you Craig at Pheasant Run ? WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK CLOSE TO CHICAGO AREA?


  4. Great posts, Craig!! Thanks for doing what you do and making us laugh with your clever comments and excellent writing!

  5. I truly love your site.. hysterical blogs. Will definitely try to catch your act if you ever get to Boise! Many thanks!

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