The aircraft is chased west by daybreak, while below us a city by a river or a mountain range awakes, over and over again, lives breaking free from the sleepy clouds on which they lay their heads. There’s another big river, its conversation with the land changing the course of each.

Like a shark we keep moving, gobbling up the miles but not the hours, which always catch up, reigning over every food chain, humbling any speed you can muster.

Another dawn catches us headed to where the oilsands weep oil in the boreal forest. The day comes on like a Rothko painting, suffused with the deep feeling of pure cold color.

3 Responses on “Dawn’s Early Light

  1. Nicely done, Adam. Very intriguing and soothing metaphors.

    Now I’ll have to go “Google” this Rothko you speak of …

  2. A great reminder to enjoy every experience…even crammed in at 30,000ft. The journeys in life, not necessarily the destinations, often bring us the most pleasure and, at times, the most peace if we take the time to reflect on the moment.

    Thanks Adam!!!

    P.S. – I am still waiting to find one of those “unknown” Rothkos in an attic in one of those estates I buy!!!

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