Battle of the Cheesesteaks

I only had a few hours on my last day in Philadelphia before I had to hop on a plane back home to Atlanta. I still had a couple of things on my list that I wanted to do before I left. The Reading Terminal Market was right across the street from the Loews Hotel, where I was staying, and I was told I had to go there before I left. I also hadn’t tried a Philly cheesesteak either! I couldn’t go home without being able to say that I ate a Philly cheesesteak in Philly!   After the final meeting with the hotel in the morning, I ... [Read More]

A Taste(ykake) of URBN Art

I started day two in Philly by touring the Navy Yard with my colleague, Deb, Ed with PECO and Mark with PIDC. IAMC is having the Monday night event at the Navy Yard so Deb and I wanted to get a feel for how the whole tour was going to flow. I had heard so much hype about this “Navy Yard” and couldn’t wait to see what it was about. I mean, it’s a bunch of ships in the water and some old warehouses…what’s the big deal? At least that’s what it looked like from the airplane flying in the previous day. I found out ... [Read More]

Welcome to Philadelphia: It’s not that bad

This isn’t only my first time to Philadelphia but it’s also the furthest northeast I’ve ever been. Before Philly it was Virginia. My trip began from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport where I boarded my plane. I just have to say that what ever the seat number says on your boarding pass is where you should sit. Don’t just take someone else’s seat assuming that they will be ok with switching seats. I always get a window seat because I’m a little afraid of flying and heights and I’m claustrophobic. Although I’m afraid of heights I have to be able to look out the window and ... [Read More]

Adobe Brick Making = Great Exfoliation

  I’m not going to lie – when I visited Albuquerque, NM back at the end of March I was dreading ever coming back. Everything was still dead, the grass was still brown and none of the flowers had started to bloom yet. Not to mention, the day I flew in was the dust storm of the century. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that bad but for this southern gal, it was! So, about a month later, here I am again…back in Albuquerque for the IAMC Spring 2011 Professional Forum at the Hyatt Tamaya. I have to admit (and I don’t do this often so cherish ... [Read More]

How the West Was…Cold

Growing up in the southeast you sort of develop this assumption that all weathermen are liars. Well, maybe the word “liar” is a bit brutal. How about “complete morons”? Or, I don’t know, maybe I’m watching a station located somewhere in the Swiss Alps. For example, you turn on the news to see what the day’s weather has in store for you and the dear weatherman (bless his heart – which in the south is just a nice way to insult someone) says, “It’s going to be a cold one out there today folks, you better bundle up! The high for today is 22 degrees ... [Read More]